“Cool Moves”

“Whether it’s the frustrated angst of teens, the aloof gate of hip aristocrats, or the sexy saunter of a private detective, the harmonious coming together, of the visual and oral have helped to communicate to generations in the understanding of “cool”.  “Cool Moves” combines research, argument, and video tools to bring forth that exact desired message. The research and video tools is evident through the facts given throughout the digital video. It is obvious that she, the creator of the video, incorporated clips of dance from movies such as “Save The Last Dance” and “Dirty Dancing”.  She used her voice as narration as the clips of dance were playing as well. As I stated, there are also arguments that can be made. Some can argue whether or not certain dances were “cool”. For example, towards the end of the video, it was stated “But the opening credits of 1971’s “Shaft” are arguably one of the greatest moments of cool in cinematic history.” This is not everyone’s opinion I’m sure, thus making it arguable.

I can easily apply these tools to my own digital story in order to create my own message about Schizophrenia. For example, I will definitely be incorporating a narration, video, and pictures. Research is a must as well.


Writing Before Break

My writing hasn’t really changed all that much. Though I do wish I had done some stuff differently. For example, I constantly procrastinate. That’s what screws me up and stresses me out. I need to change that pronto. There are some things that went well though. For instance, I feel like I am able to construct my overall essays better than before. My “aha” moments you ask? Well, I was definitely excited when I figured out how the primary and secondary texts work and when to apply them in our papers. Like I’ve said before, no one is a perfect writer. Improvements can always be made.

Story Flow Questions

1) I would say that the digital story will be mainly focusing on a problem- schizophrenia, and how it affected my mother.

2) I will be using MyMovie to create this Digital Story. From there I hope to incorporate a video, old photographs, audio, a possible poem, and a voice over. I think by adding all these at the right times, it will really add to the message. Though I am not great at technology, so it will definitely be tough to figure it all out.

3) The audience is obviously my professor and fellow classmates.

4) There definitely is a lot I can say about the matter, but I am going to have to figure out a way to say what I need, but keep it under five minutes. I will most likely be adding information such as when she was diagnosed and how it changed her life as well as those around her, etc.

Writing and Goals

I have always liked to write. There’s just something about it that gets the creative juices flowing. However, I don’t like being told what to write. I enjoy being able to create my own stories. It’s kind of creepy, but writing paranormal or frightening stories are definitely my favorite. I’ve probably watched way too much Syfy and Criminal Minds with my dad, but that’s okay. The main goal I had for this semester in English was to just better my writing in general. I feel as if I am a pretty decent writer, but there are always improvements that can be made. For example, I have noticed that I need to really focus on making a clear thesis statement. Though I have met my goal for the most part. My goal this time is to just continue improving my writing by listening to my professors and actually put forth my best effort. It all takes time.

“Wine to Water”

There are many arguments/themes that arise throughout “Wine to Water”, though I have particularly been intrigued by the religious and violence aspects, as well as the struggle every character must partake in as the chapters continue to progress. Not only is “Wine to Water” an incredible book written by an immensely brave and courageous man, but it also gives the readers a sense of strength and hope. Doc proves that anyone can change the world if they have the determination, passion, and actually strive to reach their full potential! Towards the beginning, Doc is stating the day he, as well as the rest of his crew, were almost killed by the Janjaweed. We come to find out that the box that was filled with equipment used to save lives, ironically saved Doc’s own life. If it hadn’t been for his crazy driving and the box in the back, a bullet that was fired at him, would have easily shot him dead. But no- I believe God had to have been there with him in that sense, as well as throughout his entire life, whether he was to believe it or not. Not only is this a fine example of the religious aspect in “Wine to Water”, but it also portrays the type of violence Darfur was struggling with everyday. Darfur was a no-go one after all. Though everyone struggles in some way throughout the chapters, most of them continue to strive and work toward their goals everyday, and that is something we all must bring forth. If Doc, a guy who “never really drank the Kool-Aid the same way” has the power to change the world a little at a time, then so does everyone; including all of us! It’s time to be the difference.

Lidnsay Fisher- “First Impressions”

What is my plan for completing the digital storytelling analysis assignment, you ask? Well to begin, I have chosen “First Impressions” by Lidnsay Fisher, hence the title. I am going to continue to watch the video many times, where I’ll get a better understanding of her purpose. After that, I will begin brainstorming ideas as how to write the actual paper. Once that has occurred, I will finally be ready to start! I hope to be able to convey the emotions and purpose she brings forth throughout her digital story, and put it into my own paper. She deserves it after all. “My face is not just a first impression; it is me”. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ER_jE51g6II&feature=player_detailpage Take a look!


Storytelling can be a multitude of things. Though whenever I hear the word “storytelling”, my mind instantly goes to stories that one hears throughout the family. For example, my mother likes to tell everyone about how Matt (my “twin” brother) and I traveled down the road thinking we were headed to King’s Island, or that time we changed our last names to “Power rangers” because we loved the show so much. I also perceive storytelling as myths, and for some reason I picture everyone around a campfire telling stories.

Storytelling can be vocally told, printed on a page, told on a PowerPoint, or even showed through a video. It’s remarkable how many different ways we can tell stories, and how unique each one can be. Storytelling is wonderful, and it can bring people together by reminding everyone of the memories once shared.